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Top Weekly Footballers

1. Zoran Prljinčević (Alexandria) +131
2. Pera Peric (Magos del Balón) +112
3. Almir Kadric (FC Inverse 2015) +90
4. Sami Rähmä Jr. (Suicide Squad) +90
5. Baldur Skaldevalter (Suicide Squad) +86

Top Weekly Managers

1. Bumbo Klaat (Calcio) +72
2. Sal Chicha (Spain Brain FC) +64
3. Julius Caesar (Northern Assassins F...) +60
4. Smiler EA (Edinburgh Athletic) +58
5. Pyotr Velikiy (Brains United) +58

Top Weekly Journalists

1. Víctor Jesus (National Press) 0
2. mathias de bari (National Press) 0
3. James Bond (National Press) 0
4. Yuri Nascimento (National Press) 0
5. cristopher quispe saraza (National ...) 0


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12 May 2015
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08 May 2015
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