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Top Weekly Footballers

1. Robbie Savage (Mythikas) +136
2. Cândele┼čti Córdoba (AFC Panthers) +101
3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Atletico Moravia) +100
4. Martín Cáceres (Claymores FC) +96
5. Backo Thenet Jr. (Black Wolf) +96

Top Weekly Managers

1. Bobby Robson (Atlético Aberdeen) +70
2. Mona Llama (Wick Academy) +66
3. Chris Welsh (Dragons FC) +62
4. Rotten Seed (AFC Panthers) +60
5. Rococo Fire (FC Portus Cale) +60

Top Weekly Journalists

1. The Hawk (World Press) +769
2. Juan Pablo Varsky (World Press) +41
3. Guillermo Woods (National Press) 0
4. Rogelio Entre Vista (National Pres...) 0
5. Eusebio Sanchez (National Press) 0


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08 May 2015
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25 September 2014
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