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Top Weekly Footballers

1. Henri Dibrador (Brasil Elite) +106
2. VALMYSON RODRIGO (Sunselth) +86
3. Icaro Lloris (C.A.D.A. G.T.) +85
4. Vini (Northern Assassins FC) +84
5. Sechko Baltiev (Lev F.C.) +83

Top Weekly Managers

1. Vasilije Mitu (Anunnaki FC) +68
2. Smiler II (Red Cube FC) +66
3. Crash N. Burn (Kauto Phoenix) +62
4. Ford Fairlane (Percebeiros F.C.) +60
5. Héctor Raúl Cúper (Aris Renaissánce) +60

Top Weekly Journalists

1. Sara Carbonero (World Press) +349
2. Hal S (National Press) 0
3. Sandro Denis (National Press) 0
4. Cristian Ojeda (National Press) 0
5. arthur rocha (National Press) 0


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